Gunung Bale was established in 1976 as a clove plantation company. In its development in 1996 diversified into sugar cane plantations. And since 2004 diversified in mining pyrophyllite and others. Gunung Bale is currently engaged in two business lines : Mining and Plantations. And Gunung Bale be a company that could integrate its business activities so that our environment is maintained well-managed land as a plantation before and after mining.

Location Mining Permit Area of Pyrophyllite of Gunung Bale is administratively located in Argotirto, District of Sumbermanjing Wetan, Malang Regency. Gunung Bale has been exploitation since 1994, and currently estimated volume of residual deposits are more than 10,000,000 tons. Mining activities at Gunung Bale, consisting of processes: Stripping and Management of Top Soil (Over Borden), Mining Production Operations, Activities in Stock Pile, Quality Control and Transportation to Consumer Location.


Our Vision

The largest and most efficient integrated pyrophyllite mining company in Indonesia.

Our Mission

We are in the business of pyrophyllite mining to:

  1. Satisfy our customers’ needs;
  2. Develop Our People;
  3. Enhance public prosperity around our mine sites;
  4. Preserve a sustainable the environment surrounding our operations; and
  5. Maximize shareholders’ value.


  1. Customer Focus : Customer had gotten the best service from us.
  2. Competent : To get the skills, knowledge, and adopt such conduct and behavior to help provide professional services
  3. Integrity : To reveal the objective truth
  4. Innovation : To produce new solutions, new products and business processes more accurately.
  5. Entrepreneurship : The company constantly strives to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship at both the management and employees.
  6. Cooperation : All component of the company’s attempt to instill a spirit of cooperation both within and outside the company.


Board of Commissioner

Sandojo Rustanto


Handjojo Rustanto


Board of Director

Albert Rustanto


Bambang Suhadji