Pyrophyllite Resources and Reserves Data updated on June 30, 2012 based on the studies and estimates which are classified in accordance with the JORC Code guide lines and technical discussion and audit conducted by an internal experts. Gunung Bale has been exploitation since 1994, with IUPOP Number : 180/0001/IUPOP/421.302/2014 issued in January 2014 by the Regional Mining Office of the Malang Regency, East Java, and currently estimated volume of residual deposits are more than 10,000,000 tons.


Mining Production Operation

1. Exploration to get “Core Sample” to know about quality and deposit of GB’s mine area.

2. Making of “Mine Design” from core sample data carried out in the following :

  1. Rock type specification clasification

  1. 3D Modeling from core data’s

Is a combination of horizontal and vertical data’s bor, 3D is a “Mine Design” used as a reference to determine the location or mapping of rock type and the amount of the deposit, and the basis for the process production.


3. The location of the mine production is determined by geological in order to quality as expected by the Customer.

4. All mine production activities directly supervised by the Head of Mining Engineering so that “product quality” and “safety work” can still be controlled.


Mining Production Operations

Production operations performed by type of heavy equipment among others : excavator, bulldozers and so more. Excavations done by solving of rocks. The results of this magnitude still very varied. For chunks that are still quite large, had to be done again until the conditions cal breaking chunks as planned.


Processing Plant is a place that is expected to assured the product specification meet Customer need.

Production Flow for Domestic Customer

Activities in Stock Pile. Activities in the stock pile includes weighing, quality control, crushing, stock piling and transporting and selling stock.

Quality Control. Quality control of the breakdown of rocks manually, it is then performed by workers manually sorting is to separate the chunks by size. In the event the note is set aside chunks of dirt that contains mainly Fe (pyrite) and other impurities visible colors are different with a clean rock.

Transportation to Consumer Location. Transportation to the location of the consumer by using a trailer or dam truck after going through the process of weighing and after the availability of the document both administrative and legal.